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Frank Declercq, better known as DC Snakebuster.

He was already occupied with music at a young age. By the time he was 11, he was attending music school with … .. the violin. When he was 14, he had a radio show at the local station and not soon after that he took up the drums. He already knew it by then: he had to do something with music—his whole body breathed music! Together with friends, he had several hard rock bands and after the rehearsals he went a step further by trying to play everything himself. He experimented with it. And so Frank became familiar with various instruments. A few years ago he discovered the cigar box guitar and the one-man band was born quickly. He went to the streets and was soon discovered by the public, followed by performing at various festivals and even a tour through France. Right now Frank is touring in Europe to promote his upcoming album DC Snakebuster. The release date will be November 2018.



Als winnaar van de Dutch Blues Challenge 2019 maakt de Dave Warmerdam Band steeds meer naam in de (inter)nationale blueswereld. Deze 5 jonge muzikanten zijn het qua muziekstijl helemaal eens: nergens kun je zoveel emotie in kwijt als in de blues. En dat doen ze dan ook. Keer op keer staat het publiek versteld van wat deze band in hun muziek weet te leggen, en dat haarfijn weet over te brengen op de muziekliefhebbers in de zaal. Ze weten geweldige uitvoeringen te brengen van aloude en bekende bluesclassics, en hun prachtige eigen nummers sluiten daar naadloos op aan. Het lukt deze band moeiteloos ook een jonger publiek mee te nemen in hun enthousiaste en energieke podiumpresentatie. Deze band is een must voor de liefhebber van blues, jazz en funk.

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Winnaars Dutch Blues Challenge en Awards 2019

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Big Daddy Wilson was born more than 50 years ago in a small town called Edenton, North Carolina. The population of Edenton counts less than 6000, 55% African Americans, 25% below the poverty line. “We were very poor but I had a very beautiful childhood“, Wilson remembers. “Me and my sisters were raised by Mom and Grandma. We lived a simple life, we went to church every Sunday, school on weekdays. I also worked back then on the tobacco plantation and in the cotton fields, I was a real country boy.“ Wilson sang in church but he never thought about going on stage. “I was extremely shy.“ His guardians meant well for the fatherless boy and they often sent him to church also during the week. “That won´t hurt him, keeps little Wilson away from drugs and off the streets.“

Young Wilson quit school at 16, and sometime later joined the US Army. Being a poor black man in the south and living in a small town, jobs were scarce. After being stations in Germany, the young man became homesick. “I found out the quickest way to go back home was to see that you got married. They’ll allow you a vacation time about two weeks to go home to get married. Wilson convinced his officers of his impending wedding and returned Stateside, refusing to return to Germany. After six weeks his mom was so worried that she begged him to go back to the military. “And so I was back in Germany.“

A few years later Wilson met a German girl who became his wife. She is the reason for him staying and also the reason for a poem which became Wilson´s first song.

And then Wilson heard the blues for the first time. Back in Edenton he had listened to music only in church and from the local, country radio station. But now he went for the first time to a real blues concert. “I met the blues here in Germany. I didn’t know what the blues was before“ Big Daddy Wilson says. “It was here that I found a part of me that was missing for so long in my life.“ It did not take long and the shy guy who had written some poems started looking for melodies. He went on stage, jammed all over the German blues scene and made an impression with his warm and soulful voice. He began touring with bands and as a duo and even released a few records. “My sister came all the way to see me perform and she couldn’t believe it. No, that’s not my brother. It seems like all my shyness was gone – thanks to my music. “

Champion Jack Dupree, Louisiana Red, Eddie Boyd... many musicians who made Europe their home and brought the blues with them succeeded here better than in the U.S. Even Luther Allison lived in Europe for 14 years before his big break. And now there´s Big Daddy Wilson, an American singer and songwriter who found his home in northern Germany. But something is different regarding Big Daddy Wilson. When he came over from the U.S. there was no blues in his baggage. He initially discovered the blues here in Germany which is where he will begin his international career.

With his international solo debut on RUF Records Big Daddy Wilson is going to take one step further in his late career as a musician. For “Love Is The Key“ he recorded his own songs exclusively with a small band; taking it back to the roots, often reduced to acoustic instruments, but always full of soul. You can listen to his very first song here,“ Anna“ the song about his wife. Gospel is the foundation for “Keep Your Faith In Jah“, but this doesn’t keep the songwriter Wilson from praising the talents of a gypsy queen from New Orleans, “Jazzy Rose“. In “Hard Days Work“, Big Daddy uses monotone drones for hypnotic effects on the listener, while breezy off beats Jamaica-style let “Dreaming“ to swing along. Autobiographic aspects can be found elsewhere: “Ain´t No Slave“reminds us of the African-American history and at the same time makes us aware of Wilson’s grown confidence. His good friend Eric Bibb guests on two songs about Wilson’s roots ,”Country Boy” , “Walk A Mile In My Shoes”. He’s very proud of Bibb´s presence because “I’ve learnt so much from him,” says Wilson.

The fruits of this learning can be tasted on Big Daddy’s imminent European Tour. Does he dare to imagine that he could take this music all the way back to his roots in North Carolina?

“That’s a dream, but one that makes me nervous“ the Father of three laughs; it’s clear that his homesickness is gone – along with his shyness.

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De First Lady of the Blues rechtstreeks uit de New York Hall of Fame!

De nieuwe blues-revelatie Sari Schorr werd tijdens een optreden op de International Blues Challenge in Memphis ontdekt door blues pionier/producer Mike Vernon (David Bowie, Eric Clapton, Fleetwood Mac, …) Hij was zo onder de indruk dat hij besloot om zijn pensioen even te onderbreken en toch nog een keer de studio in te duiken. Samen sleutelden ze aan Sari Schorr’s eerste album A Force of Nature. Het resultaat was een droomdebuut en tevens één van de meest bejubelde Blues(Rock) cd’s van de afgelopen jaren.

“Deze dame weet van wanten en zal iedere blues/rock liefhebber al na de eerste akkoorden inpakken” -rootstime.be

Ze wordt vergeleken met Janis Joplin, Beth Hart en Dana Fuchs - een ruige stem met grote uithalen en een vleugje soul wat precies bij prachtige bluesrock muziek past. Sari Schorr tourde o.a. met Popa Chubby en Joe Louis Walker en speelde met haar eigen band wereldwijd op bekende festivals zoals Montreux Jazz Festival (2017).

Begeleid wordt ze door een van de meest opwindende jonge gitaristen/zangers van de hedendaagse blues scene Ash Wilson, die door Total Guitar Magazine genomineerd werd als beste blues gitarist van 2017.

Dat in combinatie met Sari’s indrukwekkende stemgeluid, zorgt ervoor dat alle benodigdheden voor een bijzonder concert aanwezig zijn en je een stomende bluesavond kunt verwachten.

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Overtuigende no-nonsense Chicago blues en boogie á la Little Walter, Sean Costello en The Red Devils. Deze mannen hebben hun mojo workin', en dat zul je zien en horen ook.

Richard Koster, zang en harmonica (Cuban Heels) en Roelof Meijeringh op gitaar (Boyd Small, Memo Gonzalez) vormen de spil van deze nieuwe band. Lut Luttink (Drippin’ Honey) op basgitaar en Chiel ten Vaarwerk (Cuban Heels) op drums maken er een ritmisch geheel van. The Hoochies hebben inmiddels hun sporen verdiend en zijn daarom zeker geen onbekenden in het circuit. Ook hebben ze al vaker het podium met elkaar gedeeld, en dus werd daarom nodig tijd om samen wat op te starten om hun gezamenlijke passie voor de ongepolijste blues te delen.

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